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Major maintenance for Smit Singapore

Ship name
Smit Singapore
Project type
Ship repair
Ship type
Sea going tug

An old acquaintance

January 2009 brought a reunion with an old acquaintance. It was the seagoing tug Singapore of Svitser Ocean Towage BV, which had been launched at the old Niestern Sander location about 25 years earlier. The tug came in for major maintenance.

tonnes bollard pull
meters diameter nozzle
week project
meter propeller shafts

The tug came to Delfzijl for its regular five-year special survey, but also had to repair a significant damage on the port side. The carpentry department of Niestern Sander was called in for this.

New nozzles

The imposing nozzles, with a diameter of 4.20 meters and a weight of 20 tonnes, also had to be replaced. The new ones got a slightly different profile to generate more bollard pull together with new propeller blades. Furthermore, the two propeller shafts – length 19 meters, weight 20 tons – were pulled, the bearing shafts were disassembled and re-assembled, as well as both rudders and rudder heads. The hemostat sleeves were provided with bronze bearings.

The ship returned to sea after a repair period of one and a half months.

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