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190 skilled employees

117 years of experience

300.000 annual production hours

850+ new build ships

Who we are

Royal Niestern Sander is a 100% Dutch shipyard. We are a versatile, strong and modern yard. We also have our own workshop. With over 100 years of knowledge and experience, Royal Niestern Sander can count itself among the best shipyards in the Northern Netherlands. We design, build, maintain and repair ships. Also, we are specialized in often complex customer-oriented ship conversions. The yard is located in the north of the Netherlands and has a direct connection to the North Sea and has three locations in the Northern of the Netherlands: Farmsum, Delfzijl and Eemshaven.

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Our mission

It is our mission to offer the best total and tailor-made solutions in the field of ship building,  ship repair and ship conversion.


Royal Niestern Sander was established in 1901 due to a great demand for shipbuilding activities in the Northern Netherlands and the passion of the founders for shipbuilding. Over the years the yard developed more and more specialisms and additional services and grew into the yard that it is now.


It is our top priority to be able to help customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will do everything we can to satisfy our customers. ‘Unburdening’ customers is what we prefer to do and the drive for everyone is working at Niestern Sander. “Your ship is in good hands with us!”

Our key markets

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) are all of the highest priority within the shipbuilding industry and within Royal Niestern Sander. They are decisive for the success and quality of our people and activities.

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01 December 2023 EasyMax journal: episode 16

In this 16th episode of the EasyMax Journal, Captain Joenamar Bacuetes shares his career journey from deck cadet in 2004 to his latest adventure with the new EasyMax III. Bert Landman operates from Wagenborg Shipping's Warehouse, where goods are inspected, stored, and dispatched, ranging from toothbrushes to cylinder heads. Health Safety and Environment Inspector Kelly Buurmeijer-Wierenga closely monitors the preparations for making the brand-new ship seaworthy, overseeing the creation and management of vital onboard documentation.

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08 November 2023 EasyMax journal: episode 15

In this episode, Supervisor Anne Dijkman explains what is involved in the preparation of the launch. Meindert Riekelt Kaptein supervised the launching from his tugboat and Managing Director Fokke Jan Botke explains how he experiences this milestone.

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20 October 2023 Aftermovie launch EasyMax 3

At Niestern Sander, we celebrate significant milestones together. Launching a new vessel is an unforgettable moment. We proudly present our aftermovie to you! So, please, sit back and enjoy the experience.

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