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Ship types

Open top multipurpose carrier

fuel savings
149,95 m
length over all
625.000 cft
hold volume
2.999 kW
installed power

Easy to build, easy to operate

Easy to build, easy to operate, minimum fuel consumption, maximum dimensions and optimal cargo conditions: in the open top multipurpose design of Niestern Sander this all comes together.

Large cargo capacity

This new open top multipurpose vessel, with a cargo capacity of 14,300 tons and a hold volume of 625,000 cft, offers an extremely high intake of heavy loads, light loads, wood and paper products and open-top cargo without substantially increasing the size of the ship.

3 different designs

The standard open top multipurpose vessel measures 149,95 m in length and has a cargo capacity of 14.300 tonnes. Niestern Sander also developed a smaller and a larger version based on the standard design.

Low fuel consumption

In addition, the open top multipurpose vessel has an extremely low fuel consumption due to the energy-efficient propulsion system with an installed capacity of only 2,999 kW. Combined with an optimal hull shape for different drafts and an aerodynamic superstructure, theĀ open top multipurpose vessel has minimal resistance both below and above water. In total, fuel saving up to 50 percent can be achieved compared to market standards!

In short: due to the combination of extremely large cargo capacity and very low fuel consumption, Niestern Sander is at the forefront of its segment with itsĀ open top multipurpose vessel in terms of sustainability.

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