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Ship types

Ice breaking offshore support vessels

The ice breaking offshore support vessels are versatile designed ships, especially for operations in shallow waters or areas with thick ice where they can function as ice breaking multipurpose supply vessels.

Innovative ship technology

The ice breaking offshore support vessels are equipped with the latest state of the art Icepods and Active Font End (AFE) diesel electric drive. These vessels use innovative technology that ensures high bollard pull at shallow draft and low fuel consumption.

These ships are built for towing and ice management work under extreme climatic conditions. They have a lot of space on deck for containers (including reefers), deck cargo, project equipment and temporary accommodations. Below deck there is sufficient capacity for the cargo tank.

Adapting the design to the specific requirements of the customer is in our shipyard genes. As a ship builder we like to think along with the customer to come up with the best ship design.

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