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Survey ROV support vessel ‘Geo Ranger’

Ship name
Geo Ranger
Project type
Ship building
Vessel type
Survey ROV support vessel

Building the best survey vessel in its class

Shipyard Royal Niestern Sander has built a new shallow-water survey ROV support vessel called Geo Ranger. It has been developed with the crew and the survey equipment in mind. It is equipped with smart on-board technology, comprising various different sensors and a plug-and-play system for additional, project-specific customer equipment. With its focus on improved workability, durability and flexibility, the Geo Ranger may well set a new standard for survey vessels.

2,5 m Hs
Weeks offshore endurance
Dynamic positioning
21 PAX

Focus on high performance

Geo Ranger can be considered as (one of) the best survey vessels in its class. Standards for a survey vessel get higher every year and project timeframes get shorter. This means a survey vessel has to offer the highest performance and flexibility as possible. The combination of an optimized hull shape, a strong DP2 capability, two high class Azimuth stern thrusters and two bow thrusters (Veth) results in a high workability up to 2,5 meter significant wave height and 4+ weeks offshore endurance.

It was a conscious choice to develop and build Geo Ranger here. There is so much quality and knowledge here in shipbuilding.
Patrick Defilet, director Geo Plus

Design philosophy Geo Ranger

Based on the extensive requirements of Geo Plus, Royal Niestern Sander designed in close cooperation with Conoship the shallow draught hydrographic survey vessel “Geo Ranger”, including seakeeping analysis and DP capability study. After contract signing between Royal Niestern Sander and Geo Plus, the complete naval architecture and construction design and engineering was developed.

Building a dedicated survey vessel starts at the first sketches. Standards for a survey vessel get higher every year and project timeframes get shorter. This means the best survey vessel must reach the highest performance and flexibility as possible. To achieve this decisions have been made on workability, plug & go solutions and sustainability.

Workability at 2,5 meter wave height

An extreme strong workability and seakeeping behavior are essential for the vessel. By building this vessel dedicated for survey activities, we had the ability to design it with reaching the highest operational excellence in mind. While taking on such waves broadside, the survey ROV survey vessel has been designed to have a maximum roll of 3° for 90% of the time. Thanks to its strong DP system, the vessel can also keep the bow into the waves under strong wind and current conditions, which further minimizes crew downtime. Additionally, the vessel is designed with quiet quarters to create a pleasant environment to help the crew work more efficiently and accurately.

  • Using a strong DP capability.
  • Designing the best performing combination of the hull and GM (metacentric height).
  • Adding technical fresh water tanks to influence the GM depending on the various loading conditions.
  • Installing kimkeels.
  • Two high class Azimuth stern thrusters and two bow thrusters. Both from Veth.

Plug & Go solutions

Using the Geo Ranger like it’s your own vessel is one of the best benefits of the plug & go solutions the vessel provides. We have implemented many solutions to provide a fast and hassle-free mobilization. You have the possibility of using our survey equipment, your own, or the best of both. To provide the fastest mobilization on the Geo Ranger possible we have implemented:

  • A grid of twist locks on deck for easy installation of containers, winches and equipment.
  • Two moon pools (120 x 120 cm) with hydraulic deployment system.
  • The Geo Ranger supplies multiple power- (including ROV/LARS), hydraulic- and working air connections on deck.
  • Permanently installed USBL, Hydrins, ADCP, Positioning antennas, VSAT.
  • Innovative survey network + monitors.
  • A separate survey antenna mast with multiple antenna spots available, including pre-laid cables.
  • Empty and accessible cable routes for easy installation of additional cables.
  • Possibility to easily upgrade number of beds by installing offshore accommodation container.


The Geo Ranger uses energy in a sustainable way with respect for the environment. This means the vessel uses for example diesel/electric propulsion for low fuel consumption, heat recovery, LED lightning and bio-degradable oil.

General particulars

LOA: 41,60 m
LBPP: 39,55 m
Beam (moulded): 8,70 m
Draught (max): 2,40 m
GT: 499 GT
NT: 150 NT
Service speed: 11 kn
Installed power: 1,440 eKW
Propulsion: 2 x 400 bkW
Bow thruster: 2 x 195 bkW
Deck area: 65 m2
Deck crane: 1.799 kg
A-frame: 8 ton