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The Vikingbank visits Niestern Sander for major maintenance

9 July 2020
The Vikingbank visits Niestern Sander for major maintenance

The Vikingbank has been put dry in dock 2. The vessel is from Pot Scheepvaart, a frequently seen and returning customer of Niestern Sander. Earlier this year the Scheldebank and Stroombank already visited the Niestern Sander yard. As we speak the Sagasbank joined the Vikingbank at the yard in dock 1. The Varnebank is expected later this year for her annual survey.

Main engine overhaul

Now the Vikingbank is here for major maintenance, including overhauling the main engine. Niestern Sander can take care of a variety of machinery repairs and overhauls. Also in close cooperation with several co-makers in the region.

Planned major maintenance

Temporarily being out of business for ship maintenance always feels like a waste of time and money. However, unplanned failures can come with even more repair costs. Therefore planned maintenance can prevent major repair time and costs. Niestern Sander offers a diverse range of maintenance services, such as annual, intermediate or special surveys. We ensure your vessel to comply with all classification rules and regulations.

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