Repair project mv Helge proceeds according plan
17 February 2023
Ship repair

Repair project mv Helge proceeds according plan

The repair of the mv Helge, which was collided in September last year, is progressing according to plan. The steel repairs are 80% complete. The steel repairs of the wheelhouse including the bridge wing, repair of the boat deck and the accommodation and the repair of the side tanks plus the bilge have been fully repaired and restored to their original (new-built) condition.

The ship has been in the dock for a period of approximately 7 weeks where the underwater repairs and work have taken place. We are currently working on repairing the last part of the steel damage, the repair of that transom and hull on the starboard side. The ship is currently still at the dock location, but will soon shift to the inside dike location of the yard, where she will be completed.

Our suppliers are busy repainting and insulating the renewed steel parts, the new cabling is being laid where the ship is being rewired for 90% and the new HVAC installation is being installed. After removing the main engine, the engine room is completely empty and will be partially rebuilt by our engine room fitter. The newly ordered components will arrive in the coming weeks, after which the real construction and connection can begin. The new walls and ceilings for the interior will be delivered in a few weeks, after which the interior can also be rebuilt by the carpenters.


The plan is that the ship can go on sea trials in June, after which it can be delivered to the owner.

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