Niestern Sander supports sustainability ambitions Samskip by installing a Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) system
03 April 2023
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Niestern Sander supports sustainability ambitions Samskip by installing a Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) system

Recently shipyard Royal Niestern Sander welcomed the 'Samskip Innovator' to install a Carbon Capture and Utilization system at the dock location in the port of Delfzijl, the Netherlands.

Samskip has recently embarked on a new innovative project that will reduce CO2 emissions for its vessels. Samskip’s Carbon Capture and Utilization system is a clever and sustainable application that in real-time captures 30%of the CO2 emissions generated by combustion engines and stores it in portable batteries. These batteries can then be delivered to businesses that utilize CO2 such as agricultural clients and greenhouses who currently use gas powered machinery to create CO2 needed to stimulate growth of their products. The captured CO2 can then immediately be used bypassing the need for the gas-powered machinery in turn reducing the use of natural gas.

The recent installation of Samskip’s first CO2 exhaust gas cleaning system on one of its shortsea vessels is another example of Samskip’s commitment to sustainable solutions and was performed while docked at shipyard Royal Niestern Sander.

Royal Niestern Sander is widely known and respected for their innovative and sustainable ship designs, conversions and projects. Bart Volgers, Director Niestern Sander Repair, “In recent years, we have seen more and more ship owners invest in sustainable applications for their ships. Niestern Sander Repair has always been there providing essential support for such initiatives and for proactive innovators such as Samskip and the installation of their Carbon Capture and Utilization system. Such systems effectively reduce harmful emissions while considerably extending the lifespan of such a ship in this era where strict requirements for sustainability are becoming increasingly necessary. We are proud that a pioneer like Samskip is taking on such a project together with our yard.”

Erik Hofmeester, Head of Fleet Management, “ The Carbon Capture and Utilization system is one of many Samskip initiatives and is also an important step towards reaching our sustainability targets outlined in our latest sustainability report while we demonstrate our commitment to the Science Based Target initiative with Samskip’s target of reaching Net-Zero by 2040. We believe that the well-being of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. So, we strive to not only drastically reduce our CO2 emissions and focus on the issue of the changing climate and our planet, but we also strive to contribute to the solutions and preserve our ecosystem. We are very excited to launch our first vessel using the CCU system to reduce our emissions, store and utilize the captured CO2 to support other businesses to reduce their use of natural gas. This is the definition of sustainability!

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