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HNLMS Snellius undergoes maintenance and repair work

17 November 2017
HNLMS Snellius undergoes maintenance and repair work

In 2017 Niestern Sander Ship Repair signed a contract with the Royal Dutch Navy for maintenance to the naval research vessel ‘HNLMS Snellius’. The contract comprised of corrective and preventive maintenance to be executed by Niestern Sander Ship Repair in a period of nine weeks at the Delfzijl location.

Tender for scheduled maintenance

After several years of service, the Royal Dutch Navy scheduled ‘HNLMS Snellius’ for maintenance by submitting a tender to market. Niestern Sander Ship Repair won the tender and was awarded this contract because of the combination of their plan of action, planning and price. The maintenance work consists of painting, inspections, maintenance, repairs and modifications

Maintenance work in progress

Niestern Sander Ship Repair is particularly well-suited for this type of maintenance projects. Not only is the workforce highly skilled and experienced, the shipyard also has extensive craneage on its berths and space on the quays for the largest mobile cranes. Also Niestern Sander Ship Repair has floating docks upto 176 meters in length in which the naval research vessel currently is situated.

The maintenance project of ‘HNLMS Snellius’ is thoroughly planned and scheduled in close cooperation with the client. The entire project comprises a.o. the following parts of the vessel:

  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling (HVAC-system);
  • Propulsion system;
  • Subsea sensors;
  • Conservation;
  • Accommodation;
  • Deck equipment, such as winches, boulders and deck crane;
  • Maintenance of the vessel’s hydrographic survey components;
  • Testing of hydraulic components.

All maintenance and inspections will be executed next nine weeks. The vessel will also be covered by sealed scaffolding and tested and certified according Lloyd´s Registers class standards.