EasyMax 4 Construction Launches with Steel Cutting Ceremony
09 June 2023
Ship building

EasyMax 4 Construction Launches with Steel Cutting Ceremony

Niestern Sander Shipyard is proud to announce the initiation of the construction process for the EasyMax 4, a groundbreaking multipurpose vessel. Recently, a steel cutting ceremony marked the beginning of this project, set to be delivered and operational by 2024.

The EasyMax concept, jointly developed by Royal Niestern Sander and Wagenborg Shipping, embodies excellence in design and efficiency. The Egbert Wagenborg and Máxima, as the predecessors of EasyMax 4, have established themselves as sustainable and successful ship types.


With exceptional precision and craftsmanship, we have successfully cut the first batch of steel for EasyMax 4, comprising an impressive 3,000 tonnes. At Niestern Sander, we prioritize efficiency and sustainability throughout our operations. To minimize waste, we meticulously manage the cutting of steel plates, ensuring they are transported in the correct order and promptly available in our halls. By optimizing our talented workforce's expertise, we can commence construction immediately upon the arrival of the steel, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing the vessel's construction time.


This milestone signifies a significant step towards realizing the EasyMax 4 vision. Our unwavering dedication to innovation in shipbuilding continues to drive our success.

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