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Dock 2 put back into use after major maintenance and renovation

20 September 2019
Dock 2 put back into use after major maintenance and renovation

Today, Royal Niestern Sander has docked the seagoing vessel Marietje Andrea in dock 2 in the port of Delfzijl. This means that the largest dry dock at the shipyard has been put back into use after a few weeks of major maintenance and renovation work.

Substantial dock capacity

In the past, Niestern Sander only had a limited drying capacity with dock 1. In order to provide optimum support to customers, dock 2 was purchased in 1994. With a load capacity of 10,000 tons (around 20,000 DWT), this dock has considerably more capacity and is therefore suitable for docking various ships. In recent years, major conversions and refit projects have also been carried out mainly in dock 2.

Safe docking after renovation

After years of intensive use of dock 2, thickness measurements in the double bottom, side chests, skin and dock wall found that almost 600 tons of steel needed to be replaced. These renovation work has been carried out in-house as much as possible. The renovation has extended the lifespan of the dock by at least 15 years and Niestern Sander can safely dry ships again.


Royal Niestern Sander has very broad experience in the field of ship repair. We repair and maintain all types of ships and have locations for this inside and outside the dykes. The repair site outside the dike has two floating docks. Dock 1 is 105 meters long and 19 meters wide and can handle ships weighing 5,000 tonnes (around 10,000 dwt). Dock 2 is 176 meters long and 23 meters wide and can handle ships weighing 10,000 tons (around 20,000 dwt).