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09 June 2023 EasyMax 4 Construction Launches with Steel Cutting Ceremony

Niestern Sander Shipyard is proud to announce the initiation of the construction process for the EasyMax 4, a groundbreaking multipurpose vessel. Recently, a steel cutting ceremony marked the beginning of this project, set to be delivered and operational by 2024.

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02 June 2023 EasyMax journal: episode 10

In this episode, Wagenborg Shipping's Newbuilding Superintendent Udo tells everything about the transport of the foreship. Wagenborg Nedlift's Self Propelled Modular Transporter-operator Victor explains how this works in practice. Bert Kuiken, Director Lending at ABN-AMRO gives an insight in how financing enables sustainability in the shipping industry with initiatives such as the EasyMax.

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12 May 2023 EasyMax journal: episode 9

In this episode, supervisors Harbert Bruggers and Anne Dijkman tell everything about the progress of the construction process and project manager Alwin Huisman explains the ship's main engine.

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