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Royal Niestern Sander developed a Walk to Work Service Operation Vessel (SOV) specialized for maintaining offshore wind farms and oil & gas installations. The in-house designed vessel is the result of the knowledge and experiences of the offshore industry and Niestern Sander as a versatile shipyard. The unique ship design completely focusses on workability, comfort and safety and was awarded Ship of the Year.


Equipped with a motion compensated gangway system and Voith Schneider propellers, this vessel is guaranteed to have a greater workability than standard SOVs. In waves, up to 2,5 metres, an annual offshore weather uptime of minimum 320 days can be expected from this design. This additional offshore weather uptime makes this vessel a more preferred option than standard SOVs, crew transfer vessels or even helicopter transfers to offshore locations.


The vessel is designed for offshore service technicians who are not used to sailing. The hull shape and roll damping thrusters avoid seasickness. Together with comfortable cabins, welfare facilities and good catering a pleasant working and living environment is evident. Sound and noise levels are taken into consideration during DP operations and transfer operations. For instance the Voith Inline bowthrusters are extremely low-noise resulting in a COMF-NOISE 2 and COMF-VIB 2 class notation (Bureau Veritas).

Chemical transport

The vessel’s tank lay-out includes the below deck storage capacity for chemicals in duplex steel tanks, in accordance with LHNS Requirements and IBC Code for type 2 chemicals. A high pressure pumping system for MEG-injection is installed in a dedicated pump room below deck. This function makes this walk to work vessel an added value for the oil & gas industry.

This type of W2W vessel is our unique solution for efficient, safe and effective maintenance and support work on offshore platforms for oil & gas or wind energy. The standard walk to work vessel is suitable for 60 people on board. In addition, Niestern Sander also developed a smaller and a larger walk to work vessel.

3 walk to work designs

Lean design

Lean design

Length over all: 65,05 m.
Beam: 15,85 m.
Draft: 5,00 m.
Standard 40 PAX / single or double cabins
350m2 deck area

Standard design

Standard design

Length over all: 79,43 m.
Beam: 15,85 m.
Draft: 5,40 m.
Standard 60 PAX / single or double cabins
500m2 deck area

XL design

XL design

Length over all: 85,05 m.
Beam: 18,00 m.
Draft: 5,5 m.
Standard 100 PAX in single cabins
500 m2 deck area

How can our W2W design help your offshore operations?
Jack Kuin
Head design & engineering
+31 596 649 400