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Successful installation LNG storage tank during conversion project ferry “Münsterland”

17 August 2020
Successful installation LNG storage tank during conversion project ferry “Münsterland”

Shipyard Royal Niestern Sander has installed successfully a LNG storage tank during the conversion project of the AG Ems passenger ferry “Münsterland”. This LNG storage tank was installed directly on the new build aft ship in the construction hall in Delfzijl.

A complete new aft ship

In the past weeks, the shipyard has been building and assembling various ship sections. By the end of October a complete new aft ship has to be completed, including dual fuel engines, propulsion systems, all LNG installations, pipelines, other systems and a LNG storage tank, which arrived last week. This completely new stern will replace the existing stern of the Münsterland. This part of the project will start the first week of September when the Münsterland is expected to arrive in Delfzijl.

Economic feasibility LNG conversion

The combination of ship building and ship repair within Royal Niestern Sander – in terms of expertise and facilities – offers the opportunity to demonstrate the economic feasibility of an LNG conversion in practice thanks to its unique conversion method. The conversion operation and construction take place physically at the ship construction site, whereby the Münsterland can continue to operate as usual during this work. This reduces the idle time of an existing vessel to a minimum and therefore the loss of income.

European regional development fund of the European Union

In July 2019, shipyard Royal Niestern Sander and AG Ems signed the agreement for the conversion of the passenger ship Münsterland and provide it with an LNG propulsion. The ship receives a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union for this innovative project.