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Hydrographic survey vessel ‘Geo Ranger’ delivered to Geo Plus B.V.

2 July 2020
Hydrographic survey vessel ‘Geo Ranger’ delivered to Geo Plus B.V.

After 14 months of constructing, installing, commissioning and testing, Royal Niestern Sander has delivered the hydrographic survey vessel ‘Geo Ranger’ to Geo Plus B.V.

Last week, the hydrographic survey vessel Geo Ranger performed successfully her sea trials on the river Ems. In presence of the client Geo Plus, surveyors of Lloyd’s Register and various commissioning engineers of Kongsberg and Alewijnse, the capabilities of the vessel were tested thoroughly.

High performance and flexibility

Geo Ranger can be considered as (one of) the best survey vessels in its class. Standards for a survey vessel get higher every year and project timeframes get shorter. This means a survey vessel has to offer the highest performance and flexibility as possible.

Designed for a high workability

The ship was designed together with Conoship International BV and will be rented out by our client to parties that perform research, such as dredging companies and companies that build and maintain offshore wind farms. The combination of an optimized hull shape, a strong DP2 capability, two high class Azimuth stern thrusters and two bow thrusters (Veth) results in a high workability up to 2,5 meter significant wave height and 4+ weeks offshore endurance.


The Geo Ranger uses energy in a sustainable way with respect for the environment. This means the vessel uses for example diesel/electric propulsion for low fuel consumption, heat recovery, LED lightning and bio-degradable oil.

General particulars

  • Length: 41.00 metres
  • Width: 8.70 metres
  • Depth: 4.25 metres
  • Accommodation: 21 people
  • Installed power: 1200 ekW
  • Azimuth thrusters: 2 x 400 kW
  • Bow thrusters: 2 x 200 kW
  • Diesel-electric propulsion: 4 x 300 ekW, 500V/50Hz m
  • Dynamic positioning: DP 2
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