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EN 1090 certification confirms quality steel structures by Niestern Sander

28 November 2019
EN 1090 certification confirms quality steel structures by Niestern Sander

Royal Niestern Sander has recently been certified by KIWA in accordance with EN1090 Execution Class 3. This certificate allows Niestern Sander to make supporting steel structures that will be provided with a CE mark.

Projects of every size and complexity

Royal Niestern Sander, as a construction company, specializes in the manufacture of steel structures for various industries, such as construction, infrastructure and the offshore industry. Niestern Sander carries out projects of all sizes. In addition to large objects, the construction company is also set to realize the smaller, more labor-intensive projects. With an average volume of many tons of steel per year, Niestern Sander is one of the larger steel processors in the Netherlands.

Steel structures in all shapes and sizes

Niestern Sander has access to a large production hall with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tonnes and a free working space of 34 by 15 meters. In addition, she has her own workshop with plasma cutter and various other machines at her disposal for the most diverse machining. “We have all facilities available to make constructions of all shapes and sizes for the construction, offshore and infrastructure sectors,” said production manager Alfred Andreae. “From the moment that design and the associated construction calculations and drawings are available, we as a company are able to quickly build (large) structures for various branches.”

Continuous internal quality control

Of course, EN 1090 is a legal standard when it comes to supporting steel structures. In addition, Niestern Sander guarantees crucial quality control aspects in daily work with this certification. “Of course our welders are good at their job, but with the EN1090 standards we have set up our work procedures so that they are continuously examined to ensure that quality is guaranteed,” concludes Alfred Andreae.