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Electric utility vessel PW18 delivered to Province of Groningen

10 December 2019
Electric utility vessel PW18 delivered to Province of Groningen

After a year of construction and an extensive test period, Royal Niestern Sander has delivered the new provincial utility vessel “PW18” to the province of Groningen. This new fully electrically powered utility ship is a Groningen scoop that can sail a full working day CO2-neutral. “Wonderful that I was honoured to christen the PW18 earlier this year in March. And that we succeeded in using the ship before the end of the year“, states representative Fleur Gräper – Van Koolwijk.


The central part of the ship consists of a battery pack of approximately 5,000 kg. And the ship has two large electric motors for the propulsion. Thanks to a sophisticated system for heating, cooling and heat recovery, energy is used as efficiently as possible. In addition, the ship has the latest technical developments in the field of sustainability through the use of sustainable films, wood and paint types. And silent electric motors.

Electric vessel

The ship was built at the Royal Niestern Sander shipyard in Delfzijl. After more than a year of construction time, the ship has undergone extensive testing since last spring. Getting such a unique and innovative sustainable ship fully ready to sail was a major challenge for builders, installers, class bureaus and software engineers. Regulations for fully electrically powered ships are still under development and the battery system and the distribution of electricity to consumers were not ready to be built in as ready-made products. This requires extensive testing and time.

Made in Groningen

Various Groningen subcontractors and suppliers from the Northern Netherlands maritime cluster were involved in the construction of the electric ship. As the main supplier, Hydrosta has done everything it can to deliver this innovative propulsion properly. In addition, the design function requirements for speed, manoeuvrability, sailing profile and comfort have been fully achieved and the Vripack design has proven itself. The inspection ship will be used for the supervision, enforcement and supervision of shipping and events on the water. Both the province of Groningen and the Royal Niestern Sander shipyard are proud of this innovative and sustainable new construction project.