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Conversion Blue Queen’to Walk-to-Work vessel

21 November 2017
Conversion Blue Queen’to Walk-to-Work vessel

Niestern Sander Ship repair has been awarded a major conversion contract by Wagenborg Offshore for the conversion of the Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) ‘Blue Queen’. This PSV will be converted at the shipyard in Delfzijl to an offshore ‘Walk-to-Work Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (W2W ERRV)’. Wagenborg Offshore will provide this walk-to-work vessel to support offshore maintenance operations of Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) and SHELL UK Exploration & Production (Shell UK) on the Southern North Sea.

Scope of conversion contract

For the provision of this offshore vessel, Wagenborg and Ulstein have signed an agreement for the delivery of a standard ‘PX121 Platform Supply Vessel’ (PSV). The PX121 is particularly suited for a conversion to other types of services, such as walk-to-work or Emergency Response and Rescue, without comprising her outstanding Dynamic Positioning performance. The vessel will be equipped by Niestern Sander Ship Repair a.o  with an additional accommodation module, motion compensated gangway and motion compensated crane to comply the requirements of NAM-Shell. Further outfitting will comprise of a daughter craft and davit system and cargo hose reels.

Experience with offshore and walk-to-work vessels

Niestern Sander is an experienced shipyard when it comes to the offshore walk-to-work vessels. After the design, engineering and building of Ship of the Year ‘Kroonborg’ and the maintenance works on the offshore vessel Windea La Cour, Blue Queen will not be the first walk-to-work vessel in Delfzijl. Blue Queen is expected to arrive at Niestern Sander Ship Repair mid December 2017. However, the first preparations are at full swing on the shipyard.

Economic boost for the North of Netherlands

On the shipyard Niestern Sander Ship Repair, approximately 80 employees will be working on the conversion of the Blue Queen from a PSV into a W2W ERRV vessel. In addition to that, a large number of subcontractors and suppliers from the region are involved in the project. The vessel will be converted in 16 weeks and is expected to be delivered to Wagenborg Offshore March 2018.