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This is our history

Royal Niestern Sander was established in 1901. Today, the shipyard looks back on a rich history and has earned a leading position in the world of shipbuilding.

In 1901 shipbuilder Berend Niestern and his sons chose the port of Delfzijl for their shipyard where they started to build steel ships. At that time there was a great need for shipbuilding activities in that region. Twenty years later, the brothers Gerhardus and Jacob Sander started their shipbuilding activities in Delfzijl. Both shipyards made huge progress quickly.

Niestern, Sander and Appingedam

In 1970, the Niestern yard merged with the Apol yard, later called Werf Appingedam. A powerful and modern shipyard was created with the name Appingedam Niestern Delfzijl. A further ten years later this yard merged with Sander and the yard was named Niestern Sander BV. All three companies possessed a huge amount of knowledge and specialisms.

Northern Netherlands Innovation

Niestern signed for the engineering and construction of the first lifeboat in the world and for the patent on the reduced double bottom for coastal vessels. Sander enjoyed widespread fame as a highly innovative company, while Appingedam established its name with the construction of very specific vessels and the introduction of new production methods. By joining forces, a versatile and modern yard was created.


Shipyard Royal Niestern Sander in the current state


In the anniversary year 2001, Niestern Sander is awarded the designation “Royal”.


Niestern Sander Repair settled in a new construction hall and working site


The vessel H.C. Andersen at the shipyard in Appingedam


Launch of the vessel Lita at Shipyard Sander

Shipyard Appingedam with gantry crane and portable work shed

Shipbuilding and ship repair company Sander

Coaster yard Apol at the Damsterdiep

A Royal yard

In May 2001, Niestern Sander BV existed 100 years. After all those years the yard had already written a lot of history. All the work done by the many generations of shipbuilders and under the watchful eye of Delfzijl, Farmsum, Wirdum and Appingedam was rewarded with a Royal title. From now on, the yard will continue under the name Royal Niestern Sander.

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